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We are a boutique human capital advisory firm specialising in senior
level SME consultancy underpinned
by class-leading software technology

Our core sectors of expertise are professional services in defence, aerospace, manufacturing, financial services, technology and cyber.

Just do it!

  • No learning curve

  • No clever PowerPoint

  • Up-and-running from day-one

  • Instant mobilisation and delivery


Experience. Knowledge. Capability. Expertise.
Developed by the best organisations in the world.
And now available to you too from the Greybeards.

Greybeards deliver ‘agility with expertise’ needing no learning curve and no ramping up,
no 'discovery' phase and no PowerPoint presentation demonstrating how clever we are. An instantly mobilised team who immediately understand the requirement and add value.

Providing expertise at the level of a Critical Friend or Corporate Counsel, riskHive Technical Services 'Greybeards' is a private company operated by SC & DV security cleared personnel who are dedicated to the rapid deployment of great people who deliver great services.

We recognise the value of experience, and seek-out ‘Greybeards’ to augment our highly experienced cohort of consultants who have between 25 and 50 years’ of relevant experience. Many of our engagements suit the semi-retired who want to keep active by sharing the benefits of their many years of experience through advising new customers.

Engagements range from a few weeks to months or even years, but longer or shorter opportunities are often available, sometimes at short notice. We are both agile and flexible.

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