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Single Source Reg's

Single Source Pricing Regulations Support

The majority of riskHive's consultants are either ex-MoD or worked for one of the major defence contracting companies who supply equipment or services under the UK Government's Single Source Price Regulations (SSPR). Our consultants are therefore fully conversant with the regulations and how to operate successfully within them. We have the only external consultants to hold SSPR certificates from the Mod CAAS internal course.

Accordingly, we offer a range of independent expert SSPR related services including audit, assurance, tender-support and supply chain bid compliance to those organisations contracting under or preparing to contract under the Single Source Pricing Regulations.

Compliance checks 

From AAR (Attributable, Appropriate and Reasonable) cost and risk reviews to fully risk-adjusted 'price-from-cost' builds including Monte Carlo modelling, we can help you to properly navigate the Single Source Pricing Regulatory aspects of pricing bids or tenders in compliance with MoD CAAS requirements and understanding, making the whole process much simpler for both parties and more likely to pass CAAS compliance tests.

Cost Risk Adjustment (CRA) to Profit justification

riskHive have developed a model-based method of calculating and presenting solid justification for CRA where significant risk to profit maintenance exists to a company.

This is done using the riskHive Arrisca Analyser product which can calculate the amount of uncertainty and risk inside the contract costs and the residual that remains outside the contract costs that can be used to justify a CRA of up to +25% of the allowable profit.

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